L’INNOCENZA DI CLARA at the MWFF World Competition

For immediate distribution – Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

A new film will be added within the MWFF World Competition it was announced. L’INNOCENZA DI CLARA directed by italian filmmaker Toni D’Angelo starring Chiara Conti, Alberto Gimignani, Luca Lionello, Rosanna Gentili will be world premiered in Montreal.

Maurizio and Giovanni are two 40-year-old friends. They both grew up together in the country around Carrara. Maurizio invested all his money in a marble quarry. Giovanni, less ambitious, leads a dull life with his wife Luisa and his young daughter, Angela. Maurizio and Giovanni are keen on hunting and they’re out in the woods of Lunigiana whenever they can. The friendship changes when Maurizio meets Clara, a charming young woman. Maurizio and Clara fall in love and finally get married. But after marriage things begin to change; Maurizio works hard in the quarry to resolve several problems and Clara spend her days lonely and bored. Life in the countryside is not as attractive as it seemed before she moved out here. Slowly she begins spending time with Giovanni, and he is not adverse to her charm. The triangular relationship becomes complicated.

Born in Naples in 1979, Toni D’Angelo graduated from the Drama, Art and Music Studies School of Bologna University, his thesis on the cinema of Abel Ferrara with whom he later apprenticed, co-directed a music video and co-wrote a script entitled Morire a Napoli. His own directorial efforts were short films: Bukowski, Casoria (2002), Fenomeni paranormali (2003), L’uomo che amava gli ascensori (2003) and In Montagna (2010). He made his feeature debut in 2007 with UNA NOTTE and a feature documentary, POETI (2010), shown at the Venice Festival.